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Frequently Asked Questions - and Answers

Joe ClewsJoe owner of Joe Clews Photography.

Joe owner of Joe Clews Photography 



What camera do you use?

My primary camera is a Nikon D80, but I also have a Nikon D70 that I bring as a backup camera. As far as lenses go I have a few, but regularly use the 50mm, 18-135, 70mm all from Nikon.


How do you light your images?

I try to use natural light whenever possible. I find that it is much more attractive and produces better colour and contrast. However, when natural light isn’t enough I use off-camera flash for shoots and on-camera flash with a soft box for weddings.


What do you shoot in? RAW or JPEG?

I shoot entirely in RAW.  I then extract the JPEG’s from my RAW files in Lightroom and Photoshop and edit those. The RAW files are kept but never get shown. Shooting in RAW means I can get high quality images that can be enlarged but these always seem a little flat so they all need editing into JPEG’s in order to get higher contrast and colour.


Are you a full time photographer?

YES! In fact photography doesn’t leave much time for anything else. I try to pursue some artwork in my spare time when I get some but being a mum also there is never enough time to sit down.


Do you have staff?

No, I am a one-woman band. I do though have half a dozen associate photographers who I work with and work with myself.


Do you need any assistants or second shooters right now?

I have a handful of second shooters and associate photographers that I really like to work with. Therefore I don’t take anyone on weddings that I haven’t worked with before.


Have you had any formal training?

YES. At Newcastle Under Lyme College I studied photography for my Higher National Diploma and constantly recorded my work at Staffs University photographically where I studied Fine Art. My final work at Uni combined sculpture and photography and I received a 2:1.


How would you describe the style of Joe Clews Photography?

Joe Clews Photography’s wedding photography is documentary and editorial in style.  I use elements of traditional wedding photography with documentary shooting so all moments are remembered in a step-by-step way. Formal shots are taken for those who like a more traditional feel and plenty of candid, off the cuff shots are also taken.  


What is your post-wedding production?

Whilst still at the wedding I quickly go through the photos I have taken and ensure that I keep all the images that I feel can be worthy of editing.

Upon getting back to my desktop Mac I upload the RAW files into Lightroom and pick half a dozen images that I edit and then post to Facebook and a guest gallery in order to get everyone excited about their images.

After I edit every single image in RAW via Lightroom and then select certain images into Photoshop and then extract the JPEG’s. Once I have gone through every image I upload to a private gallery for the Bride and Groom.


What albums and album design software do you use?

I use a variety of vendors for prints and photo books, Photobox and Albelli and also use Blurb. For albums Loxley Colour and I have recently signed up with Album Epoca in Italy for bespoke luxury albums.


Do I get a disc of images with the wedding package, and how many photographs are on the disc?

Some packages the disc is included but there is always an option to purchase a disc, just ask for the price as it depends on what shoot you have.


Will I own the copyright to the images?

No, however when you buy or are given the disc of images I will give you the rights to reproduce the images in the form of a copyright release. Copyright can be tricky to explain but I am more than happy to do so when we meet for a consultation.


How long before I can view my photographs?

Photographs will be ready within four weeks from the date of your wedding. If for some reason there is a delay I will inform you. For other shoots it is around a week.


When should I book you?

As soon as possible as I am already taking wedding bookings for 2015.  People book their photographer at least a year before the wedding.

For studio shoots a couple of weeks is usually enough.


How many photos do we get on the disc?

I cannot give you a specific number as every wedding is different. Some have more people and I am there longer so it is hard to say. I can generally say that you can expect anywhere between 300 to 900 images (possibly more) but it does depend on what package you book.

For studio shoots it is around 100 but again it is always different depending on how the child is in front of a camera.


Can I give the photos to the wedding venue to use in their promotional material?

No. The  photos cannot be used for commercial purposes, and any venue using Joe Clews Photography images without the appropriate payment and consent will be liable for breach of copyright. If the venue wishes to use them they must have written permission from Joe Clews Photography and they are welcome to contact me themselves in order to get this.


Can I upload my photos to facebook or other online formats?

No. You need to have this written into your copyright usage agreement and will be charged per image that is uploaded to Facebook or the like that does not have this permission. I do not upload any image online that does not have my Joe Clews Photography watermark. This prevents people misusing the images as using them as their own work and thus duping people to hire them. It also protects my product.


Can I meet you before I book? When does the consultation take place?

Yes most definately! We can meet up whenever you like, the venue is always a good choice as we can go through any ideas you have. If you would rather make an appointment prior to booking then I am happy to come to your home or other location and once booked we will certainly catch up again usually a month before your big day to go over times and the events of the day.


Do we get a contract?

Yes, it is a must for all of us and I will not work without one. Professional photographers always use a contract and you should not hire one without one. That way your covered if anything goes wrong.


Do you have insurance?

Yes, I have public liability insurance; all professionals make sure they have this.


Are you CRB checked?

Yes I am CRB checked. I volunteered at my sons school for reading assisting and they CRB checked me. I have the document if you need to view it.


How do we make a booking?

Simply contact me to tell me and then a deposit of £100 is required to secure the date of your wedding. 

For studio shoots no deposit is required though I do not rebook people after 2 cancellations. Sorry but time is money and I turn other people down in order for you to have your studio session with me.


Can you pencil us in for our wedding date?

I am sorry but I can only reserve a date with a deposit and contract.


Do I offer any print services?

Yes, you and your guests are able to purchase prints from your private gallery, anything from JPEGS to framed prints. Books and Albums can be ordered directly from me or on my website.


I have booked you for my wedding, can I change the date or the Venue?

Yes you can change the venue as long as we have discussed it at least a month prior to the wedding so I have time to reconnoitre the new venue. It might be possible to change the date of your wedding, sometimes these things cannot be avoided. It is not as straight forward as simply changing a date in the calendar though.  If you need to change dates to a date I am not available on you may have


Do you do group shots at weddings?

Yes I do. It isn’t something that everyone wants and we discuss these things before hand if you want them included or not. Most of my clients do and I always believe that it is your day and you get what you want from it.


Can we give you a list on the wedding day of shots we want?

As a rule I do not use lists. It is better to get events unfolding naturally for a documentary style. For the formal shots I include I have a set pattern to make things quick and organised. I find list can make things run slower. I am though, more than happy to work with you by using a short list as long as there is someone who knows both families and friends and can assist me by finding those people and preparing them that a photo will be taken.


Are the hours continuous at a wedding shoot?

Yes, the hours start from the time I arrive and include any travel time between sites.  I don’t photograph people eating during the main meal, as no one wants photos like that! I do however still work out of sight photographing details.


Will I be charged for extra hours?

Yes, if you want Joe Clews Photography to stay longer on the day whether by design or by accident, additional hours will be charged at £50 per hour. This is to cover cost of time on the day and the editing work of the extra images after. You can either pay on the day or I will invoice you after the wedding and I will let you know when you are running over.


What happens if the weather is questionable on our wedding day?

There will be plenty of time prior to the wedding to make arrangements in case of wet weather. I always make a contingency of place to shoot if it is wet. No sun does not count as bad weather for a wedding, in fact it is the best weather to photograph in. It is England and rain is frequent though I have to say I have never had a wet wedding yet! Snow twice but rain, no. That’s why people have labelled me lucky!


Can I ask you something else?

Of course!

Email me – joe@joeclews.net


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